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Shannon Buchanan is an artist by nature.  She is a mother, an instructor, and is currently owner of her own studio/business called, ART FARM.  “I wanted to build a place where people of all ages could get away, create, and just be themselves.”

After graduating from Cal State University, Fullerton, with a Masters degree in fine art, Shannon went back to her roots and became a professor at La Sierra University, in Riverside California.  This is the same University where she received her Bachelor’s degree of fine art.  In 1997, Shannon represented the LSU art department, when she received the outstanding senior award, presented to her by the college of arts and sciences.  She recalls working at LSU, “I remember working doubly hard because I knew what it was like to sit there…in those chairs EXACTLY, and I just wanted to inspire the eyes that were looking back at me!”

            In 2006 Shannon took on her biggest teaching challenge yet when she became the visual arts teacher for grades K-8.  This is the same quaint little independent School, she had chosen for her son to attend as an energetic first grader!  “I love Westerly School of Long Beach, the kids there are spirited…and mine’s one of them! Who doesn’t’ love being around bright spirits?”   After two years as a full time art teacher, teaching nine grades, Shannon reluctantly declined her teaching contract as she felt it was time to get back onto her own grounds again, and push towards her personal passions.

            In 2008 Shannon’s dream, ART FARM studios was beginning to take shape and, “A place you go to make art grow” was becoming a reality.  Shannon spent a year getting ready for business and ready for the art that pulls her towards her daily existence.  Today you can find Shannon teaching the young and old and making art at ART FARM. 

            Shannon’s paintings have sold to private collectors as well as to corporate buyers.  Her work has also been commissioned numerous times by public and private vendors.

            Shannon (Nix) Buchanan was born and raised in Southern California.  She has made art as long as she can remember.  She is a world traveler and considers herself a lifelong learner.  Shannon believes her best quality is her love of difference.  “Being the daughter of hardworkingparents made me who I am.  With a librarian/historian for a father I can’t help but love stories and books and most anything that is old!   I am fascinated by life-animals and land.   I want to record my own history as a human artist.”