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Art Farm Studios originally started as a personal art studio, opened to students for painting lessons and after school programs. In 2008 we moved into a larger space to accommodate bigger painting groups, summer camps, workshops, classes, parties and more. Art Farm became known as, The place you go to make ART GROW!


After several seasons rooted in Community/collaboration/wellness we decided to take a season off. Getting down to what we really love the most. We truly love bringing meaningful art and interesting conversations into the world! It is our mission to help you connect more deeply to yourself and to those around you. We want you to love the season you’re in!


In 2019, our art literally jumped off the walls and onto wearable designs! Watching the paintings come to life was the most exciting thing ever and for people to collect and wear our paintings is still a dream come true. Each bag & accessory is lovingly designed and handcrafted with quality materials and with you in mind. We are planting good seeds into the world by creating wearable art designed from original paintings, (painted by either myself or in collaboration with a friend). Launching our Etsy shop, ARTFARMGOODS was a huge milestone. With a new look, our paintings were ready to change the story and take on the season!

XoXo, Art Farm Studios

We care! We believe in the little things and said good bye to plastic mailers and hello to sustainable packaging! Let’s break it down, we chose waterproof, 100% compostable mailers that will break down within 90 days in domestic compost conditions. In fact, after degradation, they will return to the earth as plant food.


Vegan friendly options! Our Sunshine and Grit Collection is proud to only use high quality Vegan friendly leatherette. This textured faux leather is durable and has the look and feel of real leather. On this farm, we love animals!


Always Fresh! We keep our crops fresh by only bringing you the newest pieces to the season. If you do find a piece you love from a previous season please let us know and in most cases, we can make it for you to order. Shipping Time will be delayed (30-90 days depending on the design/additional fees may apply). We guarantee our work. Please holler if for any reason, you’re not pleased with your order or our service.

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